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Rent a car in: Bucharest & Otopeni, Cluj, Iași, Timișoara, Suceava, Brașov, Oradea, Constanța, Sibiu.

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All Perpetoo cars have the same passion: travels. You can rent a car, van or caravan right now!

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What is Peer to Peer Car Sharing?

Peer to Peer Car Sharing or car rental from person to person is the innovative service where owners rent their personal cars to persons willing to drive them.

These kind of collaborations take place using the online car rental marketplace.

The local owners list their cars for car rental in 9 cities in Romania: car rental Bucharest - Otopeni Airport, car rental Cluj - Avram Iancu Airport, car rental Iasi - Airport, car rental Timisoara - Traian Vuia Airport, car rental Suceava Stefan Cel Mare Airport , car rental Brașov - city center and train station, car rental Oradea - Airport, car rental Constanța - Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport, car rental Sibiu - city center and train station

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All Perpetoo cars have the same passion: travels. Rent a car right now!

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